Quality Egro bean-to-cup machines from Café Cereza

Versatile and multifunctional, Egro ZERO allows up to 17 different beverages to be programmed and ensures that every cup is of the highest quality.


It has an intuitive user interface: the backlit keypad can be activated simply by touching. All Egro machines use industry leading grinders from Ditting, resulting in accuracy and reliability rarely seen in bean-to-cup technology.


The ZERO is available with different specifications from Pure Coffee - including two grinders - to Hot Chocolate and Quick Milk, to offer a huge selection of quality beverages.


Recommended Daily Cup Capacity; 100 Cups per day

Egro ONE

This compact, fully automatic machine offers outstanding performance, excellent design and advanced ergonomics.


It has an easy-to-use advanced user interface with a touchscreen colour display. The multi-coloured page system guides the barista, enabling them to choose from 48 products.


Visuals help the user to monitor the machine's status by displaying which drinks are being served, the pre-selected drinks, serving progress and the status of the machine. Text messages are also included with the machine's reporting system.


Recommended Daily Cup Capacity; 250 Cups per day

Egro TWO

The Egro TWO Touch Top-Milk XP NMS has been specially designed to satisfy the requirements of venues handling a high daily output of coffee and milk-based beverages.


Whether large catering chains, high demand catering outlets, convenience store giants or large-scale service areas, the TWO machine provides the ideal solution for consistent, all-round in-cup quality. Touch screen interface, up to 96 selectable products.


Recommended Daily Cup Capacity; 500 Cups per day

Cafe Cereza