Cocoa farmer, Dominican Republic
Teaology - Chinga Tea Plantation, Kenya
Café Cereza Tea and Hot Chocolate

We are proud to work with our sister companies Teaology and Cocoaology to provide customers with a full range of premium ethical hot chocolates and teas.





Cocoaology offers a rich, creamy soluble hot chocolate, which is specially formulated to run through dispense equipment.


They also offer a fantastic bar hot chocolate for use with traditional espresso equipment where steamed milk is used. It has such a high cocoa content (minimum 32%) that water should not be added to this pure, natural product.

The cocoa is produced in the Dominican Republic by the well respected Conacodo and Yacao Co-Operatives.






Teaology Fairtrade certified tea is sourced directly from The Chinga Tea plantation at Nyeri in Kenya after forming an alliance with Global Tea, based in Mombasa.


The plantation is one of 57 small holder factories managed by the Kenyan Tea Development Agency K.T.D.A. The tea is picked from gardens at the base of Mount Kenya on the equator at an altitude of 2400m above sea level. The average rainfall of 2200mm and fertile soil complimented by the high altitude gives Teaology its dark, shiny appearance with bright, brisk and flavoured liquors.

Cafe Cereza