Piaggio Ape duel fuel coffee van

The Figures


It costs just £11 to fill a Piaggio Ape, which will last a week on average, giving a running cost of just over £2 per day. The commercial battery will last all day before needing charging, and depending on how busy possibly two days.


The Apes have come with either a 57 or 70 litre water tank - both enough for over 1000 double espressos. They also have 25 litre waste tanks for ease of use.

Piaggio Ape duel fuel 'cafe vans'

We have brought a unique solution to the table for establishments looking to install a new food and beverage outlet - with our mobile duel fuel Piaggio Apes.


These versatile units come in two sizes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They run on both mains power and gas, significantly reducing the cost of providing a new food and beverage facility on your campus.


The Apes offer excellent value for money and house top of the range coffee machines and grinders, ensuring the service of quality premium beverages.


The Ape 50 Gull Wing and Ape 200cc TM Gull Wing open on three sides for versatility. The available space provides the option to sell additional items from the Apes, such as sandwiches, cakes, crisps and other snacks.

A Little Extra


The Apes can include vehicle graphics to merge seamlessly with the branding of your establishment. A bespoke fitting service, and barista training, is also available.


A range of extras are available to add onto the Apes, including machine and grinder upgrades, solar panels, double LED surface mounted lights, a fridge drawer, cash drawer and more.


For further information and prices please get in touch.

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