Cafe Cereza gives profit percentage to El Salvadorian producer foundation

We have recently announced that we are donating a share of our profits to help one of our El Salvadorian producers tackle child malnutrition and improve living standards for coffee farming families.

We source all of our single origin coffee from the Monte Sion estate, which has its own foundation - Fundacion Monte Sion Nuevo Amanecer. The cooperative, which is run by Lilliana de Narvaez and her father Dr. Luis Urrutia, comprises of a community of workers and their families.

Funds from the foundation support workers and families by providing healthcare, housing, education, food and clothing. This work has resulted in a dramatic reduction of infant malnutrition and the elimination of moderate to severe malnutrition. Dr Luis Urrutia has been recognised by the UN for combating poverty in El Salvador.

Bryan Unkles, Cafe Cereza's founder and director, said: "Supporting producers has always been a fundamental part of Cafe Cereza as we believe in sustainability - and that means helping to provide a sustainable future for the people who farm our coffee. I have visited Monte Sion twice during the last five years and it is very close to our hearts.

“We know our funds, which we have started to donate quarterly, are already helping to make a difference. Our customers are able to see how the coffee they buy is directly supporting those who produce it.”

The Monte Sion estate has been producing gourmet sustainable coffee since 1906 and has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance since 2000; it is this level of quality that Cafe Cereza strives to supply to its customers. It is also a member of the Association of Sustainable Coffees of El Salvador.

Cafe Cereza, which was founded in Sheffield in 2012 means ‘coffee cherry’ in Spanish. We supply coffee to a range of cafes, bars and universities around the UK.

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