Café Cereza is proud to supply Rancilio coffee machines

Since 1927 Rancilio has been working to promote Italian espresso culture all over the world. They call this “Coffeeing the World” - exporting everywhere a philosophy based not only on technology, but also on talent, sensitivity and ingenuity. They manufacture and sell professional machines and equipment for the preparation of high-quality espresso-based beverages.

Rancilio Classe 7

The Classe 7 is designed to combine functionality, ergonomics and a contemporary look. It is available in the electronically controlled E version, for precise, consistent dosing, and in the semi-automatic S version. This model is extremely versatile, with compact E and S versions also available, making it adaptable to situations where space is an issue. The range is completed by the tall version, for beverages served in large cups/glasses, and the LEVA, for lovers of tradition.

Rancilio Classe 9

Classe 9 is a perfect combination of stylish design and technological excellence. This product has been created using Rancilio LAB’s most innovative technology, and has set a new benchmark for style. The result of this commitment to design is a machine with extreme functional elegance. The advanced version is equipped with USB technology for fast, precise management of the main machine settings. For simplified use, the semi-automatic 9 S version is also available, ensuring superb performance and top quality espresso. The range is completed by the TALL version, for beverages served in large cups/ glasses.


Rancilio Classe 11

Rancilio's Classe 11 has opened a new chapter in the history of high quality espresso. This simple, fast and intuitive technology has become the new benchmark in the sector.


The interface of Classe 11, fitted out with a touchscreen command panel in tempered glass, allows the user rapid and immediate navigation. Its iconic language, inspired by the latest generation of smartphones, gives the consumer great operative simplicity and familiarity.

Rancilio Kryo Grinder

RYO 65 OD (On Demand) is fitted with high-capacity 64 mm-diameter mills, ensuring production of 3.5 g/second. Grinding is instant, and takes place directly in the filter holder, ensuring a fresh, correctly dosed product.


The ergonomic design and quality of the material provide excellent stability even in situations of intense use. Grinding speed, precise dosing, and a clear, intuitive user interface make KRYO 65 OD the ideal grinder-doser for high-quality espresso-based beverages.

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