Coffee farmers in El Salvador
Dr Luis Urrutia, Lilliana Navarez and Bryan Unkles
Cafe Cereza - cupping coffee in El Salvador
Café Cereza's values

Café Cereza is a UK coffee company with a strong Latino influence and a vibrant, youthful feel. We believe drinking coffee should be an opportunity for a moment of indulgence.


Café Cereza focuses on linking the consumer with the producer by providing information and updates direct from source.


Alongside fantastic quality and taste our customers have the reassurance that our coffees are sourced responsibly.


We focus on the welfare of our producers and staff to ensure our consumers enjoy our unique coffees and play a key part in the social wellbeing of our producers.

Café Cereza - ethical coffee

All Café Cereza’s ethical coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified; an organisation committed to protecting biodiversity, conserving resources for the good of our planet and future generations, and ensuring that farm workers, their families and communities are treated well.


In addition we also work with the Monte Sion Foundation - an organisation founded and run by the Monte Sion producer group, from which we source our single origin coffee. 


This initiative was set up to address poverty and malnutrition, and educate the community. For details on our work with Monte Sion please visit our Monte Sion page.

The benefits of Café Cereza

Directly sourcing the majority of our products allows us to create stable pricing as well as a great choice of coffees.


All Café Cereza coffees are roasted and packed in a British Retail Consortium Grade A approved premises to ensure our coffees adhere to the highest standards of quality control.


We believe in freshness to be of paramount importance, which is why all our coffee is roasted and packed in the UK.


Our exclusive range of coffees are available in most formats and flexible pack sizes including whole beans, fresh & bulk brew, filter & drip coffee and cafetiere.

Cafe Cereza